One Circle

Smart home systems.

Smart home systems help you **save time, energy and money** by automating most things in your house such as climate control & lighting, so you don’t have to worry about mundane everyday tasks like light switches and trying to change the temperature on your old thermostat, so you can **enjoy increased comfort and convenience.**


Automated air vents you can control from your phone. An upgrade to the old looking vents in your house, smart vents help you make individual climate zones in your house.
By connecting to a smart thermostat, vents redirect airflow as needed, so you can avoid unwanted hot and cold spots in your house, while being able to set individual temperatures for your rooms.
This saves you energy and money as only the rooms that need to be heated or cooled are catered to in a single time.


A smart thermostat that can connect to your phone to replace your old white box. Set temperatures for individual rooms and automatically save energy as the thermostat only triggers the HVAC system for rooms that are occupied, learns from your behavior and optimizes for comfort and convenience.


A hub for all of your smart home needs. Connect your smart vents, lights, thermostats and all other IOT devices to OneHUB, and connect to the OneAPP for easy control. The hub comes in two variants, One that replaces and also works as the central thermostat, and a standalone hub that can connect wirelessly to the smart thermostat if you already have one.


Connect your smart lights to the system, and you can automate lighting to match your preferences and mood. Connect to the OneHUB to simulate sunrise and sunsets for bed time. Save energy without having to ever touch a switch again.